Oct 202012

By Don Hutton and Paule Senechal

The story of how Don and Paule acquired Blue Moon.

What recently happened to my wife Paule and I is too much of a moment in our lives to let pass without some reflection, introspection, contemplation … and maybe a bit of soul searching. It involves a story … so here goes …

Our move to Gabriola in December of 2011 was for a number of reasons including truly wanting to connect with people and community as we aged, getting into a climate where we could breathe, garden, walk, fish and generally enjoy life year around without freezing fingers, noses and toes shoveling and plowing the white stuff… and where we could navigate a boat over the unfrozen waters year around. So, two years before the move with our house still for sale we sold our 20’ aluminum boat in the Yukon figuring we would get a larger one down south, at least something with a cabin. So it came to pass that within 3 months of the move last December, we acquired a brand new welded aluminum 22’ fishing boat at a dealer in Victoria, complete with cabin, sleeping arrangements and a porta-pottie. Nice to look at, fast and served the purpose … of day use … which we figured, living 10 minutes from the dock, would be our main use of a boat!  However, not long after we bought “Sea Lover” we joined the Silva Bay Yacht Club and participated in our first cruise. Turned out it was for 6 nights and 7 days. We were excited to be with so many other like-minded boaters between ports and anchorages … and yet we started to envy the space they had to sleep and lounge and the conveniences when cooking and … well … doing other business. Looking at our smaller ‘day-use’ craft we began to realize maybe we had been a bit hasty in our quick acquisition.

Oddly, on one of these cruises last May we ran across an old acquaintance from the Yukon in Montague Harbor who had moved to Nanaimo 2 years ago and they told us they had also made hasty purchase of a gem of a boat called a Camano Troll. It was 31 feet long, a ‘fast’ trawler made for the last 25 years in Vancouver ideally suited for a couple complete with all the necessary amenities. We fell in love with, AND … it was for sale … AND they wanted to downsize after realising they actually wanted a trailerable boat they could haul behind their new motor home. How excited we were figuring we could maybe trade them ours as part payment for theirs. We looked at theirs and they came and looked at ours … and liked it … would think about it and get back to us. We agonized for a few days, then a week, then another week waiting for the call but alas … we never heard back from them!

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